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CoolSaver Fridge- Fresh Food

CoolSaver Fridge- Fresh Food

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Just place it in your fridge!

Save energy & double the lifetime of your fruits and vegetables! Now you can use the same product in your fridge that food stores and restaurants have used for years to reduce food waste and energy consumption.

CoolSaver works in two ways:

  1. Processing the the water molecules which prevents condensation and makes it easier to keep the temperature down without using as much energy. 
  2. Reduce the ripening hormone -  ethylene gas, that makes your fruits and veggies go bad. 

Results in reduced:

  • Food waste
  • Energy consumption
  • Mold growth
  • Bad odor

How long does it last?

If properly maintained over 3 years.

Dry the cassette every three months by placing it in direct sunlight for 6–8 hours or in a household oven at a maximum of 80 Celsius. degrees for about 1 hour. 


Product information:

Dimensions: 155 x 115 x 20 mm.

Weight: 130 grams.

Capacity: up to 800 liters air volume per cartridge.