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New design- CoolSaver Fridge

New design- CoolSaver Fridge

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CoolSaver Fridge - Eliminates odors, extends the shelf life of food and saves energy - 100% natural

  • Stop Wasting Food - How many times have you had to throw away food before using it? CoolSaver doubles the lifespan of fruits and vegetables, so you can waste less and enjoy more.
  • No More Bad odor - CoolSaver eliminates mold and bacterial growth while improving air quality. No more odors from bad and stinky food!
  • Save Energy & Money - CoolSaver reduces the energy cost by up to 30%. You'll save money and increase sustainability at the same time. This is the smart choice.
  • Feel Safe With a 100% Natural Filter - The filter is made out of 100% natural minerals and is completely safe. Used by many restaurants and grocery stores, and now you can do the same.
  • No Installation Needed - To start using and benefiting from CoolSaver Fridge, you put it in your fridge, and that's it! No screwing, electricity, or anything else is needed. Can it get any easier?

 Product information:

Dimensions: 155 x 115 x 20 mm.

Weight: 150 grams.

Capacity: up to 800 liters air volume per cartridge.