CoolSaver Fridge Steel- Fresh Food

CoolSaver Fridge Steel- Fresh Food

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Our exclusive and more durable model CoolSaver Fridge Steel saves energy & double the lifetime of your fruits and vegetables! All with the help of a 100% natural minerals.

Just Place it in your fridge!

CoolSaver works in two ways:

  1. Processing the the water molecules which prevents condensation and makes it easier to keep the temperature down without using as much energy. 
  2. Reduce the ripening hormone -  ethylene gas, that makes your fruits and veggies go bad. 

Results in reduced:

  • Food waste
  • Energy consumption
  • Mold growth
  • Bad odor

How long does it last?

If properly maintained over 3 years.

Dry the cassette every three months by placing it in direct sunlight for 6–8 hours or in a household oven at a maximum of 80 Celsius. degrees for about 1 hour. 


• 155 x 115 x 20 mm.

• Weight about 380 grams.

• Capacity: up to 800 liters air volume per cartridge.