How can the panels reduce waste?

Ethylene is a natural gas which is produced by fruits, vegetables and plants. It accelerates the maturation process and is the reason that bananas turn brown, flowers wither and the vegetables go bad. CoolSaver’s solution removes the ethylene content of the air almost completely. The shops have less waste and the clients get products with higher quality and longevity. 

Mould growth only occurs in moist environments. By reducing condensation, we can therefore reduce potential mould formation in the fridge. By the way, all food will last longer due to the optimised environment with more even temperatures.

How does CoolSaver save energy?

Through a surface chemical process, CoolSaver prevents and reduces condensation and makes it easier for the fridge and freezer to maintain low and even temperatures, which leads to energy savings. Condensation means more energy consumption for cooling & also risk of ice formation.

What is the difference between CoolSaver and other absorbent products?

The CoolSaver minerals do not absorb the moisture, but instead treat the water molecules on a surface chemical level, which prevents the molecules switching from humidity to condensation. This is also called molecular filtration. In a fridge, for example, you want to preserve the humidity but prevent the condensation that has a negative effect when occurring in your fridge and freezer environment.

Is CoolSaver's technology proven to work?

One of the most common objections we receive before our customers buy the products is "This sounds too good to be true!". We are of course happy that our products have such a good effect that this question is asked. However, it is important for us to inform our customers where the effects in CoolSaver arise from.

CoolSaver has helped companies such as McDonalds, Polfärsk and Whirlpool for over 10 years to improve their freezer & refrigerator environment in the form of energy savings, reduced food waste and reduction of condensation related issues. Please see our reference videos with some of these business customers here: https://coolsaver.com/en/references/

CoolSaver, together with the Swedish State Testing Institute (SP), has carried out independent tests in household refrigerators and freezers, which are the basis for the results we refer to in the form of energy savings and increased lifespan of fruit and vegetables.

More information about Surface Chemistry: See PDF