Om oss

CoolSaver, like the name suggests, is a cool way to save the environment as well as save money.

We help companies and consumers optimize their cooling environment which allows them to save energy, money and wastage by lowering condensation and minimizing ethylene gas.

After over a decade working with industrial customers in many parts of Europe, North America and Asia with our commercial solutions, we are now ready to use the best of our know-how to produce consumer-based solutions that will benefit every household.

CoolSaver was started because of a passion for sustainable technology. But what makes technology even more sustainable? We do it by simply removing the moving parts or the “technology” and let nature work instead. In a nutshell, that is the very magic of CoolSaver and is the core idea that drives every one of our products.

Our Vision
We want to help every household that uses refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners to make financial savings and at the same time reduce waste by optimizing the indoor air quality.

To be able to save energy without using energy and reduce food waste without using chemicals, in our opinion, this is a sustainable long-term solution. We help households become more cost-effective by changing the air structure and utilizing all advantages of the existing system. Some of the most pressing environmental issues in today’s society are energy saving and wastage. We hope with our CoolSaver solutions, we can help households make an impact and actively minimize their carbon footprint.

In a nutshell, we not only make your home more environmentally-friendly but also help contribute to financial savings. All without the use of energy or chemicals.

How it works:

By simply changing the structure of the air, we reduce condensation, ethylene gas and save energy whilst preventing wastage.
In optimum conditions, CoolSaver helps to deliver around 10-30% Energy Savings on electricity for freezers, fridges and air-conditioners. Users can expect between 30-50% Less Wastage as CoolSaver is proven to double the shelf life of fruits, vegetables and even flowers.

Independent Tests:

Rest assured, CoolSaver is already certified by The Swedish National Test Institute. Independent tests conducted by the Institute showed energy savings of 27% and a reduction of the ethylene gas where the shelf life of fruits and vegetables increased significantly.